Saturday, October 30, 2010


HAPPY 21st HALLOWEEN PARADE sponsored by the JHBG, which began with a seed and bloomed into a safe and renowned event with candy distributed to over 3000 local children.

OCTOBER ends on a clear and sunny note but the wind carries a slight chill...
inspiring jack o'lanterns are everywhere...
and painter Carla Lobmier continues to showcase her fantastic paintings in the AUTUMN window of Ultima Florals

PLUS please visit and see the haunting art at NOVO...
Jeff Terzi 's photographs (above) reveal a texture and a palette that
pop, making everyday scenes come alive. Sara Armstrong creates these dreamy, nuanced panels that draw you in to get a closer look.


Espresso 77 is highlighting the works of
local artist Nitin Mukul .

Artists of Jackson Heights are emerging! What they have to offer are works that are thoughtful, sophisticated and worldly.

We also say THANKs! to all the people in the neighborhood that appreciate the arts and come out to hear the music, stop by the openings and support the businesses ... working together to highlight all the talent and diversity
in our community.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


...Blown sideways into neighborhood arts and music.

NEW ART OPENING AT NOVO features captured everyday images like "Hear Me Out" (left) by Photographer Luisa Pineda aka lulusolei, (on FB.)

I selected some of my own favorite works for this month including a collage "Cassette Preservation" =>

Shows have been in place since February 2010 and the local
artists featured have been appreciated by the patrons and crowds that pop in for $ their delicious food cooked up fresh...

LIVE ENSEMBLES... Bethany Wild & Friends has been in place on "Thursday Night Lounge" and Jim Hershhorn Trio on "Monday Night Jazz"

ESPRESSO 77 always has something BREWING with music, an artists salon, book signings or just fantastic coffee and treats, stop by for schedule.

Popped by CROSSING ART in Flushing for the new QCA Board induction, presented by Borough President Helen Marshall, and hosted by members of the QUEENS COUNCIL ON THE ARTS


Ari Laura Kreith
is teaming up with Councilmember Danny Dromm
ARI is teaming up with Councilmember Danny Dromm to celebrate the "Clean Jackson Heights" awards initiative

EVENT TIME: 2:30 pm -4pm
LOCATION: 37-32 75th St

"Come be part of Theatre 167's first Street Theatre Event!!! In support of City Councilmember Daniel Dromm's Clean Jackson Heights Intitative, we're turning Jackson Heights into living theatre for an hour.

Come join us, dressed in your finest, Sat. Oct 9 from 2:30-4 pm....for Food, FUN and lots of surprises"


Ari plus the cast and crew of
167 Tongues
are heading to