Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Since the launch of the 37th Avenue Gallery - June 11 -AL TOMBA was listed at La Boina Restaurant at 77-05 37th Avenue (which has great deals for June in Jackson Heights restaurant week) and AL finally made his debut on June 21! -Long Story Short- there will be more of Al to come- in a new show in July! with other local artists.
Details to follow...

Al Tomba was a dedicated art teacher for many years in NYC High Schools - and taught with a passion for art that is evident in his renderings and paintings.. His artistic expression is influenced by his Italian ancestry and the work reflect an inner reflection rather than literal vision. stop by La Boina and see Al before SundayJune 27.


WILLIAM SEIFERT is another 37th Avenue Artist who had a successful career as a graphic artist in advertising and design firms. He always love to create works on his own and has shown at a host of galleries throughout New York including The Tompkins Square Gallery and National Arts Club. William attended Pratt Institute - his painting in the show: "Let There Be Music" clearly reveals a designers eye for form, color and placement. Each instrument illustrated stands alone yet is also prominent as part of the group.

SEE THE JH Post Office PIANO painted by artist Alexa Gummifer Matula
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