Sunday, August 1, 2010

AUGUST ARRIVES & none too soon

Are we past the dog days of summer??
we can only hope that JULY took care of that...

I stayed in my cave like everyone else but did venture out for a few events in JULY:

Paul Kelly , Jackson Heights Playwright and Director, and crew (L to R: Andy, Cary, Jane, PK, Celeste) scheduled a shoot on his FERMENTED production,
early on July 17th - we began at 10 am and finished by 1:30 before the heat kicked in.

We even had a few clouds which helped reduce glare and shadows on the performers:
Rhett (l) & Joe (r)
ALTHOUGH their steamy dialogue made it even hotter outside!

More on the video when it gets near completion and hits the silver screen! and more about Rhett too! who has been featured on a new reality show that will premiere in JANUARY... fasten your seatbelts...

JULY 29th was the opening of a very sparkly and exciting art show at NOVO Bar & Lounge - works by Carla Lobmier, Eung Ho Park and Norma Markley were on display.

People enjoyed the food, drinks and razzle dazzle art.
Jackson Heights Folks that are still in the city came out to meet artists and neighbors. The show will be up until AUGUST 25th so stop by to see the intense & colorful artworks and enjoy the A.C. & a Mojito!! while you are there.

See you on the avenue,