Friday, June 11, 2010

creating a street front art gallery

Recently I hooked up with Queens Council on the Arts and their art explosion this weekend June 11-June 13 "Queens Art Express" which is tapping into and promoting art, performance, food and festivals along the 7 train in Queens.

They were able to create the ArtXphone at 877-747-4278
you can hear all the activities just a train ride away in NYC
I was honored to have done some of the recordings and I describe the art institution in Flushing

I asked local artists to contribute work for the store fronts along 37th Ave in Jackson Heights. We are celebrating June in Jackson Heights which has so much to offer. The motto is "Experience the world in one neighborhood!"

this is the most diverse community in the world- with over 140 languages spoken and restaurants with delicacies from around the globe! maybe you will come out and visit one day - tell them Celeste sent you!

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